A.J. Poulain
Portrayed by
First seen
Episode count
Andres Jude Poulain
Also known as
Cameraman for Clark Quietly
Family members


A.J. (Andres Jude) Poulain is one of the cameramen who accompanied Clark Quietly into the Amazon Basin to track down Dr. Emmet Cole along with Lincoln and Tess. Clark promoted to A.J. to lead cameraman after the original lead was killed in Magus. A.J. is very protective of his camera equipment and will always attempt to get a shot of the action even if it threatens his safety.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. In the episode where the entire crew except A.J. was blinded by a native tribe, A.J. was saying how hw loves his father and how he was so sorry when he was underground beneath the tree that had the blindness antidote. He then stated " I love you David." Was David A.J.'s partner? Or maybe a close family member or son?

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