Emilio Valenzuela
Portrayed by
First seen
Episode count
Emilio Valenzuela
Also known as
Magus Captain and Mechanic
Family members
Jahel Valenzuela - Daughter


Emilio worked with Emmet for most of the run of The Undiscovered Country, serving as the reliable mechanic for Emmet's ship The Magus. A hard worker, he was hired by Emmet shortly after being released from prison, and he remains humble and grateful for the opportunity years later. However, Emmet's decision to take the ship on his ill-fated trip without Emilio puzzled and upset him and he's curious to find out why. He's a loving father but is overprotective of his daughter Jahel and feels a bit guilty that his job has cause him to miss some of the important moments in her life.


Unanswered QuestionsEdit

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