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  • The River is an American paranormal/adventure/horror series that debuted during the 2011–12 television season on ABC as a mid-season replacement. Eight episodes were created for Season 1 with Steven Spielberg as executive producer.
  • The River: The Complete First Season (DVD) was released on May 22nd, 2012. You can purchase the DVD online at Amazon.
  • Unfortunately, ABC has decided to pass on a second season. Rumors are going around that Netflix may try to negotiate with ABC to carry a second season on their streaming services. Show your support for a second season by voting in our poll!

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The series follows the search for the famous television host/explorer/wildlife expert Dr. Emmet Cole. He was last seen traveling down the Amazon River in the middle of South America and disappeared without a trace. Six months later his wife and son, Tess and Lincoln Cole, receive a beacon signal from him, indicating that he might be alive. This prompts the two to assemble a search party, but in order to fund the mission, they must allow Dr. Cole's ex-producer, Clark Quitely, to film a television documentary about the search for his last known whereabouts. It turns out that nobody in the search party, including Lena, the daughter of Dr. Cole's also-missing cameraman, is prepared for the horrible things they will discover when they follow the beacon's signal.

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Do you think ABC should make a second season?

The poll was created at 06:12 on April 16, 2012, and so far 272 people voted.

The River Season One
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Joe Anderson (Lincoln) at Comic Con 2011

Exclusive! Joe Anderson Interview @ Comic Con 201102:39

Exclusive! Joe Anderson Interview @ Comic Con 2011

Eloise Mumford (Lena) at Comic Con 2011

The River - Season 1 Comic-Con Exclusive Eloise Mumford03:30

The River - Season 1 Comic-Con Exclusive Eloise Mumford

Writer Oren Peli at Comic Con 2011

The River - Season 1 Comic-Con Exclusive Oren Peli03:25

The River - Season 1 Comic-Con Exclusive Oren Peli

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